ZZZZ’S. It’S About Quality Over Quantity When it Comes to Restorative Sleep

BodyLogicMD touts health benefits of deep sleep during sleep awareness week.

March, 2014 – With an estimated 50-70 million US adults suffering from sleep disorders, insufficient sleep has come to light as a public health epidemic according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The bioidentical hormone doctors affiliated with BodyLogicMD support the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) in raising awareness of the health benefits of restorative sleep during National Sleep Awareness Week (March 2nd – 9th).

“Most people do not place enough importance on getting quality sleep, and tend to think of it as an option and not a requirement for optimal health,” shares hormone expert Dr. Gretchen Reis of BodyLogicMD of Charlotte, NC. Fragmented sleep, while still allowing us to function in a seemingly normal manner, does impair motor and cognitive functions, and can have far-reaching health consequences as sleep deprivation accumulates and is left untreated. Conversely, with restorative sleep, the body can become more resilient and overall health and well-being improves.

The body becomes stressed due to sleep issues, which in turn can lead to an increase in blood pressure and stress hormone production. Lack of sleep can also cause an increase in the appetite-stimulating hormone, ghrelin, as well as a reduction of the appetite-suppressing hormone, leptin – leading to potential weight gain as a result of hormone imbalance. Diabetes, depression, fatigue, and anxiety are among the serious health consequences of inadequate sleep. But, beyond the many negative impacts on one’s health, sleep deprivation can disrupt the overall quality of life as the root cause of accidents, injuries, difficulty concentrating, memory lapses, loss of energy, lethargy, emotional instability, and an inability to handle work responsibilities.

BodyLogicMD stands apart from the crowd, defying the odds and supporting the new frontier of medicine long before it became mainstream. Jeff Thackrey, MD was one of the first franchise owners, joining in 2005. As the Medical Director of the Fort Lauderdale location, he admires the stamina of company he has had the honor of being part of for all these years, “I take pride in being one of the first physicians to join the network and the fellowship. BodyLogicMD has taken my practice to the next level of achievement.”

The healing restorative properties of the REM cycle are partly due to an increase in the release of human growth hormone, which stimulates cell reproduction and regeneration. “When we focus on the quality instead, we can harness the significant health benefits of restorative sleep as our hormones are able to replenish,” says Dr. Reis. Although the number of hours of sleep needed varies from person to person, the National Sleep Council has reported that people who sleep between 6 and 8 hours a night actually live longer than those who sleep for more than 9 hours a night.

“Most people chalk up trouble sleeping to the stress of a busy life or other external factors, but the reality is that it could in fact signal an even more serious underlying problem like a hormonal imbalance,” explains Dr. Reis. “After we eliminate a possible imbalance of the hormones as the cause of sleep issues, the quality of sleep and overall health can be significantly improved by taking steps to implement proper sleep hygiene.

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