May 2011 – There’s a big debate going on as to whether or not regular, non-organic milk is bad for you. Most dairy farmers treat their milk cows with hormones, notably recombinant bovine somatotropin hormone (rBST), to yield more milk production. The problem is that chemicals such as rBST have been linked to an increase in cases of precocious puberty – or the early onset of puberty in young children.

Additionally, other hormones found in milk, particularly estrogen, have been blamed for an increase in cancer risk. Not only can these hormones make you sick, but they can also interfere with your hormone balance by mimicking the action of the body’s naturally occurring hormones. These hormones are not filtered out during the pasteurization process and they end up being absorbed through the intestinal walls and are then re-circulated throughout the bloodstream. The advantage of choosing organic milk over regular milk is that organic farmers don’t treat their animals with synthetic growth hormones or antibiotics. It’s important to remember to that many of these hormone-mimicking chemicals build up in our bodies over the years and the effects are compounded.

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