Testosterone Pellets Show Advantages in Men with Low-T

Men Experiencing Symptoms of Andropause Could Benefit From Pellet Therapy

By: Jennifer Landa, M.D.

Implantable testosterone pellets are both very effective in restoring depleted testosterone levels and very convenient for the men who use them, according to researchers from the New York University School of Medicine. The researchers, led by Dr. Andrew McCullough, M.D., reviewed data on 172 patients who used these pellets and revealed the pellets to be effective for up to 4 months. The use of more pellets provided better results, but physicians are still trying to determine the optimal number to use based on each patient’s individual needs.

According to the researchers, one of the greatest advantages of pellet therapy over other forms of testosterone therapy, such as creams or gels, is compliance. Creams or gels generally need to be applied every day, which leaves a large amount of room for noncompliance. Noncompliance, they claim, is very common in men – and medications do no good if they are not taken. Men may not want to use a cream or gel that reminds them of their testosterone deficiency every day, or may simply forget. Pellets, on the other hand, need only be inserted every several months.

The insertion procedure is quick and convenient, as well, and shows very quick results. If a man’s symptoms do not improve over three months with testosterone pellets, doctors can generally assume that testosterone replacement is not the solution and can look to other forms of therapy. This assumption may not be reliable with creams or gels, since a lack of results may be caused by noncompliance. With modern pellet insertion techniques, sterility isn’t an issue, either. While early techniques had up to an 8% infection rate for the insertion site, modern techniques carry virtually no risk of infection. The site is typically cleaned and sterilized very thoroughly and physicians are strict about the proper usage of sterile gloves.

As revealed by Dr. McCullough and his team, this treatment option is highly effective and advantageous to the patient, especially men experiencing symptoms of andropause.

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