Nicole Garcia, M.D. Joins the Largest Network of Highly-Trained Physicians in Irvine, California

January, 2013 – BodyLogicMD, the nation’s largest network of highly trained physicians specializing in bioidentical hormone therapy, nutrition and fitness, is pleased to announce that Dr. Nicole Garcia has been joined Michael Grossman, M.D. of the Irvine bioidentical hormone practice. BodyLogicMD of Irvine helps men and women seeking relief from conditions of hormone imbalance, such as andropause, menopause, thyroid disorder and adrenal fatigue.

Dr. Garcia practiced Family Medicine and Obstetrics for nine years, working with both adults and children to address their health needs. She transitioned to functional and preventive medicine in 2008 seeking to deliver health solutions, not just manage disease. “A colleague of mine made the transition to bioidentical hormone therapy and functional medicine and the difference I saw in her patients told me this was where I needed to be too,” recalls Dr. Garcia. “I became a doctor to make a difference. Practicing functional medicine with BodyLogicMD allows me to make that difference.”

Practicing anti-aging and preventive medicine allows the physicians of the BodyLogicMD network to offer permanent solutions to help their patients achieve optimal health rather than just temporary treatments. Dr. Garcia also helps his patients develop a total wellness plan that includes tailored fitness programs, advanced nutrition plans, stress management techniques and bioidentical hormone therapy.

More about Dr. Garcia

Dr. Nicole Garcia is a graduate of Medical College of Wisconsin and completed her residency at the Family Practice Residency Program at Columbia Hospital in Milwaukee. She is also a certified health coach and lifestyle educator specializing in weight management programs. Dr. Garcia is an active fellow of the Fellowship of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.