New study confirms HRT helps ward off colon cancer

According to an article recently published on, new studies have once again reinforced the benefits of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Back in 2002, millions of women stopped using synthetic HRT drugs, because the synthetic hormones were linked to a variety of health challenges in post-menopausal women, including stroke, heart disease and breast cancer. In addition to the risks however, the Women’s Health Initiative had also discovered that HRT protected against colon cancer. Later studies suggested that the use of oral contraceptives among women could be the reason why women had a lower risk of developing colon cancer than men. Not only did women who used HRT have a lower colon cancer risk than women who didn’t – the longer a woman used HRT, the lower her risk of cancer.

Despite these new findings, synthetic hormones are still dangerous because they’re derived from chemical-based sources, unlike bioidentical hormones, which are derived from naturally-occurring sources such as yams and soy. Being that bioidentical hormones are custom-compounded for each woman, there aren’t any sides effects and treatment options are more reliable. BodyLogicMD’s highly trained physicians help women balance hormones naturally using a combination of bioidentical hormones and customized nutrition and fitness regimens.

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