According to an article published by Health Day, studies suggest that men with high levels of testosterone have a higher risk of heart disease and heart attack. In a recent study conducted by the US National Institute of Health, men over the age of 65 were studied to determine the link between heart disease and hormones. The study will be presented on Sunday to the Endocrine Society’s Annual Meeting and Expo. The study was aimed at proving that there is a correlation between testosterone levels and heart health. Many men purchase testosterone supplements without going to a doctor to check their levels of testosterone prior to treatment. It is essential that when men feel symptoms of hormonal imbalance, such as low libido and irritability, that they have their hormone levels evaluated by a hormones specialist. Just like many men suffer from low testosterone, some men also have dangerously high levels of the hormone and having too much can be equally as bad.

“Men need to understand that more testosterone does not mean better – too much of anything is never a good thing. My goal is to ensure that all of my patients have perfectly balanced hormones,” says Nashville bioidentical hormones expert Dr. Benita Swartout. “Customized plans work best because everyone is different and should be treated as individuals.”

The test was performed on over 700 men who were not currently on any type of testosterone replacement therapy and the study found that men at the highest end of the spectrum have more than twice the risk for coronary disease than men with the lowest levels of testosterone.

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