What Lack of Sleep Does to your Mind

A recent article published on WebMD.com discussed the various impacts that lack of sleep can have on the mind. Adults who get less than 6 hours of sleep risk memory problems, chronic fatigue and a multitude of other cognitive issues. People don’t often recognize just how important sleep is to their overall health. Sleep is not a … Continued

Could the Pill Lower a Woman’s Sex Drive?

There are many pills, but when someone says “THE pill” – there’s little doubt which one they’re referring to. There’s been a lot of talk lately, regarding some of the sexual side effects associated with the use of hormonal contraception, such as birth control pills. According to Businessweek, studies published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine suggest that … Continued

Primary Ovarian Insufficiency, Not “Premature Menopause”

There’s been a lot of talk lately as to why women in their 20’s are prematurely experiencing symptoms commonly associated with menopause. Although the cause is still up for debate, one thing that’s certain is that the problem is only getting worse. An article recently publishedby USA Todaytold the story of a Los Angeles woman … Continued

Study: Low Sex Drive, Ladies? It Might Be Your Pill

It seems highly implausible that after 50 years of putting women on birth control, no one bothered to investigate the long-term effects that they would have on a woman’s libido. According to an article published on Time.com, a recent study supports the argument that birth control may actually lower women’s libido and in some cases … Continued

ATS: Dietary Fat, Sex Hormones Affect Airway Inflammation

Health Day News recently released information regarding the relationship between estrogen and bronchodilaton. Studies suggest that a high fat intake can increase airway inflammation and suppress bronchodilator response in people with asthma; however scientists believe that a concentration of estrogens may actually help facilitate bronchodilation. It was concluded, that because concentrations of estrogen can activate … Continued

The Role of Nutrition on Women’s Hormones

In an article published by ConnectTriStates.com, author Rajah Maples discusses the impact nutrition has on a women’s hormones. Everyone knows we should be eating healthy but there is more to it than just knowing what foods to avoid – knowing what foods you should be eating is just as important. The foods you eat really … Continued

Get fit in your 40’s and 50’s

The Savannah Morning News recently published an article discussing menopause weight gain and offered some tips to help middle-aged women keep the lose weight and keep the weight off during menopause. As women age, estrogen levels decline and testosterone levels increase. When this change occurs, women oftentimes begin noticing symptoms commonly associated with hormonal imbalance, … Continued

Menopause Status and Attitudes in Turkish Midlife Female Population: An Epidemiological Study

In a survey conducted from January 1, 2008 to March 31, 2008, researchers studied a random sample of 1551 women from ages 40-65 in Western Turkey to describe menopausal symptoms, and to assess the women’s attitudes towards some climacteric issues. The questionnaire included questions pertaining to the women’s sociodemographic characteristics, women’s menopausal status, some statements about … Continued

Stress, Cortisol and Artery Health Studied

According to the Daily Mail, stress increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes because people who become stressed are more likely to suffer from hardened arteries. A study was conducted by Dr. Mark Hamer and his colleagues at the University College London. The researchers gathered a sample of 514 participants who were from the … Continued

Low Sex Drive in Women

What is low sex drive? In medical terms, it is a low or absent desire for sexual intimacy that causes personal distress. Women’s sex drive may fluctuate over the years, due to major life changes or relationship status; however, there are many other factors that contribute to low sex drive in women during various points of their … Continued