BodyLogicMD Applauds as Oprah Strives to Put Thyroid – and Life – in Balance

January 2009 On Thursday, January 15th, Oprah Winfrey will “start the con versation on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy” in an episode titled “Bioidentical Hormones Part 1” as part of her month long “Best Life Series.” First Suzanne Somers, now Oprah. Bioidentical hormones are going main stream. It wasn’t that long ago, very few people, even those in the … Continued

In Men with ED, Statins Linked to Hypogonadism

According to an article recently published on, cholesterol isn’t the only thing men are lowering with the use of statin drugs. Studies suggest that men who use statin drugs to lower cholesterol are at an increased risk of developing hypogonadism – a condition typified by the gonads inability to produce adequate quantities of the male … Continued

The Estrogen Dilemma

Hormone therapy, specifically Estrogen therapy, was recently researched by Cynthia Gorney in the NY Times in an article, published under the title: “The Estrogen Dilemma.” Gorney discusses her quest to find out the truth about bioidentical hormone therapy. Her conclusion: The benefits of hormone therapy outweigh any risk that might exist. Presently, there is no evidence that … Continued

Lung Cancer Increase in Women Tied to Genes, Estrogen

Researchers believe that estrogen may play a role in the development of lung cancer in non-smoking women, as well as smokers. In addition, studies suggest that the body’s inability to metabolize estrogen may also lead to breast and colorectal cancers. Similar findings were evidenced in the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) – a long-term study for … Continued

Are Organic Foods Really Healthier For You?

The USDA does not make any claims that organic foods are healthier or better than non-organic foods. Vail bioidentical hormones expert Dr. Heidi Archer says “Organic foods are definitely better for you as they are not full of the toxins and hormones that are present in processed foods.” So what exactly does “organic” mean? Organic … Continued

Boost Your Love Hormone Levels… Naturally

It’s common for hormonal imbalances such as menopause and andropause (the male menopause) to decrease libido in women and men; however, scientists recently discovered that waning testosterone and estrogen levels aren’t the only culprits. It turns out that a new hormone has taken the stage and it’s called oxytocin. Appropriately nicknamed “the love hormone”, oxytocin … Continued

4 Diseases Doctors Get Wrong

It’s not uncommon for doctors to read our symptoms and make an incorrect diagnosis. In a recent article by published by WebMD, one of the most misdiagnosed diseases is hypothyroidism. Houston bioidentical hormonesexpert Dr. Wade Huey has seen many patients who were misdiagnosed by their primary care physician, oftentimes because they’re unfamiliar with hormonal imbalance. You … Continued

Weighty Issues in Women during Menopause

Menopause is a term that describes the hormonal imbalances experienced by women entering their post-reproductive years. The early stages of menopause, oftentimes referred to as perimenopause, usually take place between the ages of 35 and 40. Although menopause symptoms vary greatly and affect each woman differently, weight gain is a common fear among women. So … Continued

Irregular Period? It Could Be More than Just Stress

In recent years, we’ve seen more and more women diagnosed with premature menopause. West Chicago bioidentical hormones expert, Dr. Michelle Shultz believes that environmental toxins, specifically those containing synthetic estrogens are largely to blame for this occurrence. A recent article published by National Public Radio (NPR) told the story of a recently married woman in her 30’s, … Continued

New study confirms HRT helps ward off colon cancer

According to an article recently published on, new studies have once again reinforced the benefits of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Back in 2002, millions of women stopped using synthetic HRT drugs, because the synthetic hormones were linked to a variety of health challenges in post-menopausal women, including stroke, heart disease and breast cancer. In addition … Continued