Can bioidentical hormones help prevent osteoporosis?


A lot of my patients ask me about osteoporosis and the role that bioidentical hormones play in preventing and/or helping osteoporosis – and they really do. For instance, estradiol, which is a type of estrogen, prevents further bone loss. So you have estrogen preventing bone loss. And then progesterone actually helps lay down bone. It stimulates the cells that lay down bone – called osteoblasts – to lay down calcium to form bone. Testosterone is another one that strengthens bone. It helps strengthen the bone. Men actually get osteoporosis quite frequently. After age 60, a lot of men get osteoporotic fractures – and people don’t know about that. So testosterone loss is a risk of osteoporosis for men. So, there you can see how bioidentical hormones help with osteoporosis – both in preventing and resolving osteoporosis.