President of BodyLogicMD Teams Up with Top Legal Minds to Educate Physicians of the Legal Framework of Medical Practice.

December, 2012 – Attorneys from Greenburg Traurig, the nation’s leading healthcare litigator, along with Patrick Savage, founder and President ofBodyLogicMD, will deliver an overview of key information, important to physicians in an anti-aging and functional medicine practice. They will focus on the legal aspects of owning your own cash-based practice in this growing medical field and give a robust review of extensive case studies.

Every medical practice, traditional or preventive, must be acutely aware of the laws that apply to the physician and the practice. It is important for each physician to understand the legal landscape as it relates to a variety of laws and statutes impacting multiple aspects of the medical community and business associates of medical practice. Examples of such laws include: anti-kickback, physician self-referrals, patient brokering and fee splitting laws, pharmacy laws, the sale of medications, supplements, clinical labs, Medicare and accepting cash or insurance in your preventive practice.

This is a valuable opportunity exclusive to physicians of the A4M fellowship. To learn more, register for an event, enroll in a training program or to exhibit at an A4M Conference, please contact the office of the American Academy of Anti-Aging medicine: