Linda Hillebrand, D.O. becomes a part of the Nation’s Largest Network of BHRT Physicians

June, 2013 – BodyLogicMD, the nation’s largest network of highly trained physicians specializing in bioidentical hormone therapy, nutrition and fitness, is pleased to welcome Dr. Linda Hillebrand as Medical Director of BodyLogicMD of Encino. She will be a leader in California functional medicine, treating men and women struggling with symptoms of aging and hormone imbalance, including menopause, andropause, thyroid disorders and adrenal fatigue.

Dr. Hillebrand originally pursued a career in medicine as an OB/GYN, with the hopes of truly helping others and giving back. However, she quickly found herself jaded with the “business” of medicine, which inhibited effective practice. “I felt like I wasn’t really a doctor until I made the transition to functional medicine. Shifting my practice allowed me to truly care for my patients and that’s the reason I became a doctor,” Dr. Hillebrand reflects. “I love my patients and that relationship is what is essential to practicing real, effective medicine. You can’t develop a relationship in 7 minutes or by prescribing a pill and abiding by insurance regulations. Now, as a functional medicine physician, I can give more and see the return, see a real improvement in my patients’ lives.”

Functional medicine is rapidly becoming the wave of the future in healthcare and Dr. Hillebrand is excited to be at the forefront, especially as part of the industry leading team of BodyLogicMD. “Being in functional medicine and among some many like-minded fellows makes all the difference in the treatment patients receive. We question things more, think outside the box. It’s not just about lab results – it’s about the patients and that philosophy really works,” says Dr. Hillebrand.

More About Linda Hillebrand, D.O.

Dr. Linda Hillebrand is a graduate of the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific in Pamona, California. She completed her internship at the San Bernardino County Medical Center in 1997 and her residency as an OB/GYN at Temple University Hospital in 2001.