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Beyond Hot Flashes and Mood Swings

Published by: Michael Lee, M.D.When you think of menopause symptoms, you probably think of hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings. But what about the other, lesser known symptoms of menopause? Before and during menopause, your hormones can decline rapidly. These hormonal fluctuations may be responsible for many problems, well beyond the all-familiar sudden heat and irritability.
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Detoxification and Your Health

Published by: Travs Deuson, M.D.If you’re experiencing symptoms of hormonal imbalance even though tests show that your hormones are balanced, toxicity may be to blame. Toxins can interfere with your hormone receptors or metabolic pathways, so even if you have proper hormone levels, your body may not be able to metabolize and utilize them effectively.
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Pain Relief Through Hormone Balance

Published by: Joseph Agnello, M.D.Back in the ‘90s, doctors and scientists were not well aware of the link between hormone deficiencies and pain issues, so hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was not a part of the treatment paradigm. However, in the past 10 to 15 years, the literature of both the HRT and pain medical specialties has been replete with research linking hormones to pain — both chronic and acute.
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Diabetes: A Hormonal Matter

Published by: Marissa Magsino, M.D. Diabetes is a very complex medical issue. It starts as a metabolic syndrome that is a combination of nutritional and hormonal imbalances. It’s important to correct these imbalances at an early stage, before pre-diabetes develops into full-fledge diabetes. Diabetes is among the most serious illnesses in America – I would even go so far as to say it is the number one medical illness.
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A Hormonal Approach to Mood

Published by: Constance Crisp, M.D.Many people – and doctors – use antidepressants as a first-line of treatment against depression, anxiety and similar mood disorders. However, many of these conditions are actually hormonal in nature and can be resolved much more effectively (and with far fewer side effects!) using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).
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