Are Organic Foods Really Healthier For You?

The USDA does not make any claims that organic foods are healthier or better than non-organic foods. Vail bioidentical hormones expert Dr. Heidi Archer says “Organic foods are definitely better for you as they are not full of the toxins and hormones that are present in processed foods.” So what exactly does “organic” mean? Organic foods must meet certain standards set by the U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Organic foods must be produced without the use of hormones, herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics or fertilizers or contain any ingredients that aren’t deemed “natural” by the USDA. As far as animal products being labeled organic, they must come from animals that are only fed organic feed, are mustn’t be treated with antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones. In addition, the animals must be housed in conditions that make for optimal health and development.

While the USDA will not make statements regarding the legitimacy of organic foods, it is clear that organic is a much healthier alternative. Non-organic food isn’t subjected to standards and our health oftentimes suffers because of it.

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